1. No More

From the recordings No More and Sick Sick Sicks

'No More' is Track 6 from the album
'Sick Sick Sicks'


I heard a gavel fall, negotiations are on
You got the guns, but we have got the numbers
And we want some heart, not fear's insanity
Don't show us your way because it's death
No More.
You don't have to speak, your actions spoke with volume
You prey on the weak, your motives so impure
You're riding Satan's wing, that heat can bear your chill
Only a little child let's children die
No More.
The chill of truth echoes through the strong
We'll exonerate, find a way if you will give a fuck.
Could you want us? do you want us?Could you want me? do you want me to take you home?

We all need love no one is the exception
One love, one heart needs full participation
We all got land, long since been delegated
An evolution waits in vain
No More death for profit
No More dividing cultures
No More absolute power
Just strive for peace

I'll kill all your children only if you kill mine
While tears of their mothers will never die
If all life is money it's not too sane
If all life is money it's all in vain
We see those eyes, black as night,
To show those eyes a bluest sky

© 2014 Excess Zero / Raw Zero