KornuCopia is a rock band that is the result of a solo project begun by multi-talented artist & musician Raw Zero. Almost all aspects in the production of KornuCopia music are performed by Raw Zero with occasional outside assistance. The list includes wearing the hats of songwriter, drummer, drum programming, bassist, acoustic guitarist, electric guitarist, lead vocals, backing vocals, sound effects, sound engineering, producer, studio engineer, mixing engineer, mastering engineer, photo editing, and artwork designer. The credits for outside assistance can be found throughout the website.

KornuCopia is rooted in the desire to embrace the transformation from the humans we are raised to be into something more conducive to the greater attributes of the human experience. The words of KornuCopia are the observations and epiphanies of an artist in the modern world who would like nothing more than to see humanity connect with a more natural purpose as opposed to the unprecedented pyramid scheme that encompasses human life and ultimately affects all life.


KornuCopia Collective Conscience