From the recordings Sick Sick Sicks and Sick Sick Sicks

'Sick Sick Sicks' is Track 3 from the album
'Sick Sick Sicks'


She's led to think and feel in the going way
To rebel is certain death
A plethora of idiosyncrasies awaits in vain
Yet she doesn't have the answers for change
She can only feel the need
The sickest are all those who don't need, yet take
All that looms makes her sick 'cause she doesn't know that
For self-serving reasons powers will kill souls for gold
Then they feed us reasons but not that it's a whitewash
She believes in the whitewash
Wired from birth to stay just afloat
Not to ask, not to question
If she does then she will drown
Her brave soul summoned the courage to ask why
Then she slipped underneath, fighting for her life
Then she stopped, rubbed her eyes, found herself on land
Then a man walked up and said:
You are free from the illusion
You are free from the illusion that took you away.
Feel the life 'cause it's no longer in vain

Rise above fear, rise into life
She dug deeper and found the root of war is insane greed
Tyrants pull the strings in a world of gold, dividing,
Raping peace and killing our one

She knows they are all Sick Sick Sicks

© 2014 Excess Zero / Raw Zero