From the recordings Salvation Lay Within and Prime Eight

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'Salvation Lay Within' is Track 8 from the album 'Prime Eight'


Hey family I tried your way to no avail
It all but killed me
And I am not wired to be subservient or obey blindly
Mom, you were successful with three but you failed this one, you got your supply
Even with these words it's sad to know
you won't understand my goodbye

I don't belong here,
where we are pawns for profit
I don't belong here,
where we are not viewed as one
I don't belong here,
where there's lack of empathy
I don't belong here,
left no choice, I'll just say goodbye

Fuck ya, because the mindset you view as the norm is simply just that and nothing more
Claiming right or wrong where there's many ways is a path of self-serving so expect decay
The sum of detriment on the smallest scale will snowball and breed thoughts of omni-present fail
To be human and renounce corrupt ways I have found effective for my mind is saved
Saved to view us as one
Saved to feel empathy
Saved for enlightenment
Saved, I'll just say goodbye

Feed the hate........breed the hate
Feed the love........breed the love
Feed the fear........breed the fear
Feed courage........breed courage
Feed the war........breed the war
Feed the peace........breed the peace
Feed divide........breed divide
Feed unite........breed unite
Feed disdain........breed disdain
Feed respect........breed respect
Feed selfish........breed selfish
Feed for the world........breed for the world
Feed apathy........breed apathy
Feed empathy........breed empathy
It's in your mind........all in your mind

It's in our reach and in our time to shape the world to meet the needs of all the life
It's up to you, it's up to me,
the peace of mind, the peace of all
for salvation lay within

© 2018 Excess Zero / Raw Zero