Adamant Conquer

September 24, 2018
Music/Lyrics by Raw Zero


'Adamant Conquer' is Track 5 from the album 'Prime Eight'


You'll live as you are told,
You'll eat as you are told,
You'll learn as you are told,
You'll fuck as you are told,
You'll preach as you are told,
Obey as you are told for some security

Now, I don't know why you would be so
against this, it's only your liberty
We will only crush you if you test
the system, don't need you integrity
We worked our whole lives for this power
and control, won't give it up no way how
Our psychopathic minds don't give a flying
fuck if you're living oppressively, yeah

Now, money is our king and people have
become addicted and in denial
So dream of your new world that we'll
just extinguish if it poses a threat
There's only one way to defeat us and
that's to make us irrelevant
Good luck with convincing the billions
of people living under our thumbs, yeah

Adamant conquer that's too big to fail